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Five differences between quartz and granite

July 3rd, 2018 Posted by kitchen cabinets palm coast 0 thoughts on “Five differences between quartz and granite”
  1. Cost: So you’ve picked out your great new kitchen cabinets and now it’s time to pick out some countertops. Regardless of whether you purchased cabinets from a big box store or purchased our fine all wood Fieldstone/Starmark cabinetry from our showroom you still have to decide which countertop is best for you. If you have not yet decided between quartz and granite you should strongly consider the differences between these two products. The most common misconception about these products is, “Which cost more”? The answer to this question may not be as simple as one might think. Granite can be purchased starting at around $35 per sq. ft. installed and could cost as much as $150 per sq. ft. or more for exotic granite whereas Quartz starts at around $50 per sq. ft. and can cost as much as $100 per sq. ft or more. On average however the typical granite sale seems to sell for around $55 per sq. ft. while the average quartz purchase typically sells for around $75 per sq. ft. This is largely due to the nice looking granite selection at lower price points while lower priced quartz can look much like a terrazzo floor.
  2. Maintenance: Many may like the look of granite but may be turned off by it having heard that it has to periodically has to be sealed. 10-years ago this was not as easy as it is today for several reasons. Granite slabs are typically well sealed prior to being delivered to the slab yards and most of the cleaning products for granite are now very commonly sold at Target or Walmart and have sealant enhancements in the cleaners so every-time you clean your counters you are helping the sealing process. Here is a link to very easy to use products for you granite (many are for granite and quartz): . Quartz counters do not have to be sealed however do require similar cleaning and care as granite counters.
  3. Durability: Both granite and quartz have advantages and disadvantages with regards to durability. The first topic is heat. Granite is the champion when it comes to withstanding heat. Although quartz is a very heat resistant product a dish directly out of your very hot oven can discolor your quartz while granite has better resistance although every product has a breaking point and it is always a good idea to use a trivet or cutting board with regards your hot pots or pans. Quartz counters are comprised of quartz and resins and the resins are not nearly as heat resistant as natural stone. Wear and tear are typically not a problem for granite or quartz counters. Both are very durable and if taken care of can last the life of your home. (Also note that quartzite counters are a natural product similar to granite, not man-made quartz)
  4. Color and style selection: Because granite is 100% natural the style and color palate is seemingly endless. Many of my clients that love natural products with movement are inherently drawn to the look of granite while many like the more consistent look of quartz. If a client is looking for a solid white, yellow, blue or some other color he or she is going to find that only quartz will fit this bill. We can’t always generalize but more often granite is used in traditional design and quartz is the favorite for most contemporary kitchens. Also keep in mind that if you seek a rich, luxurious sheen that quartz is not as glossy as granite due to the resins in the composition although many prefer the matte finish of the quartz or even select some of the honed finishes.
  5. Installation of granite and quartz: The installation process of granite and quartz counters are much the same. They must be installed level and plumb and should only be installed by kitchen and bath professionals. Stonewood Cabinets and Counters in Bunnell specializes in kitchen renovations and can help! If you live out of our area look for good, reputable dealers in your area.

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