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Five Reasons Not To Buy Cheap Cabinets

July 15th, 2018 Posted by kitchen cabinets palm coast 1 thought on “Five Reasons Not To Buy Cheap Cabinets”

So you’re building your first new home and everything seems to be coming in over budget. You opted for energy efficient windows which will save you hundreds of dollars in energy savings down the road but you are shelling out an additional 30% from the standard window package that came with the house. Now you have to cut some cost somewhere else. Your builder is showing you some “more affordable” cabinet alternatives. The bargain cabinets from China seem to look much like the more expensive American made cabinets so why not save a few bucks and offset that expensive window upgrade? Let’s consider how they are made and how much value they really offer.

  1. What are they made out of and how long will they last?: Let’s start with the cabinet box and it’s construction and material composition. Most cabinets that come from China are shipped to the US unassembled (AKA knockdown or RTA Ready to assemble cabinets) to save cargo space on freight containers. Sadly some builders will save substantial cost offering you these RTA cabinets from big box building supply stores or through internet companies and offer them to you the home buyer at a substantial mark up keeping his profit margins high while at the same time taking away new home sales from from more legitimate builders who actually care about the products that he or she may use. They are all too often built from shoddy materials that simply will not hold up for the life of the home. Obviously cheaply made cabinets will not last long and if you have to replace them in as few as 5-years how much have you really saved?

  2. How are they finished?: If your builder is using cabinets from China, do not expect the finished to be durable or even to retain there color. The white shaker cabinet is one of most popular choices in Florida these days but are all white finishes created equally? A quality American cabinet typically have much higher quality finishes than finishes that come from China. Fieldstone / Starmark cabinetry uses a very high grade opaque tinted varnish that if you or I purchased from a paint store we should expect to pay upwards of $100 per gallon. Our Legacy cabinets from Alabama uses a very nice grade of paint which would cost around $50 per gallon. Both of these cabinets are known to hold there color for many years to come and not change whereas most cabinets that I have seen that are imported from Asia will start fading or yellowing in as soon as a year or two. You can bet that the finish used on Chinese cabinets does NOT cost $50 or $100 per gallon so here is another way that they have cut cost at your expense.

  3. Can cabinets from China affect my health?: Most of us by now have heard of the class action law suit of a large scale flooring supply chain who literally have very sick customers regretting having saved a buck on wood and laminate flooring. Here is a link to the lawsuit but essentially this company imports products from China to resell in the US and are now getting called on the carpet-pun intended! Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. Like flooring, cabinet materials from China have VOC’s and off gassing and can harm your family the same way as the VOC’s from flooring. The problem for the flooring customers that became sick were NOT told by the supplier of the VOC’s nor did the Chinese factories honestly report the VOC levels on the products. Simply put, they have proven that you cannot trust them to provide products that will not harm your family.

  4. Do American made cabinets have any advantages in cabinetry design?: Due to freight constraints the nomenclature from the Chinese cabinets lines is much more limited to what many American made cabinet companies have to offer. Fieldstone/ Starmark has 100-times more sku’s to choose from than there Asian competitors. This can affect your kitchen design more than you may know. For example Fieldstone offers many size cabinets as standard that the Chinese don’t offer such as 13 1/2” 16 1/2” 19 1/2” 22 1/2” widths which allow you to more cabinet space and less fillers. My Fieldstone spec. book is around 1400 pages while the Chinese cabinet spec books are usually less than 100 pages.

  5. How can I truly tell where the cabinets are made?: The Chinese cabinet market partnering with there suppliers here in the states are quite clever in NOT revealing where the cabinets originate. One of my clients here in central Florida who was asked to get three bids on her kitchen by her husband was looking for American made cabinets only. She divulged to me that one of my competitors was offering her cabinets for 20% less than the cabinets that I was offering her. I asked her if she was sure that they were American made and she assured me that they were. I asked her how she knew for sure and said she was told by her kitchen designer that she received them from her warehouse in New Jersey. I suggested that she ask her kitchen designer “Where is the factory in which they are made” She eventually realized that he was almost tricked into buying Chinese cabinets without even knowing it. I also knew of a builder who saved about $500 on a 9-foot island that was of Chinese origian and after it collapsed under the weight of his $3,000 exotic granite counter he too realized he in fact didn’t save after all now having to purchase new cabinets and granite.

    Fieldstone cabinets are made in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and our Legacy cabinets are made in Eastaboga Alabama. Demand to know the point of origin of where your cabinets are made!


1 thought on “Five Reasons Not To Buy Cheap Cabinets”

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