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Five things you should do when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom

June 19th, 2018 Posted by kitchen cabinets palm coast 0 thoughts on “Five things you should do when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom”
  1. Cabinets: Research, Research, Research! Learn about the products that you are putting into your house. When it comes to kitchen cabinets it can be hard to tell where the cabinetry came from. If your cabinetry was not built in America you just cut out the epa which can put your family at great risk of VOC contamination: (see article from website:

    Even many popular American companies such as Kraftmaid, Thomasville, Merillat construct many of there cabinets from particle board which use glues that have a high VOC content. If you choose one of these brands be sure to opt for all wood construction but do yourself a favor and get an estimate from companies that specialize in all wood cabinetry. My advice is to purchase Fieldstone Cabinets or Starmark Cabinets that are made to higher quality standards and are CARB II complient and are made to last! Starmark/Fieldstone cabinets are among the top rated cabinets made in America: (see houzz):

  2. Counters: When it comes to kitchen and bath counters find the right surface to do the job. If you really put your kitchen to the test and don’t want to have to worry about durability you should consider quartz or granite counters, whereas in the bathroom you may not need to shell out the cash for an ultra durable product and can opt for laminate or cultured marble. Let’s face it, the bathroom does not typically take the same abuse that a kitchen does.
  3. Appliances: Most appliances made today are built with product obsolescence in design. Don’t expect your appliances to last like the ones that were made 20 – 30-years ago unless you shell out big money and buy really high-end like Subzero/Wolf, Thermador or Miele.
  4. Design: I cannot over emphasize how important it is to make sure you have a skilled kitchen designer. You are likely going to live with this kitchen for many years to come so don’t skimp on this one. Many homeowners who try to do this on there own all too often have regrets later on some of their decisions. A competent designer will run all of you ideas through the paces and typically think of many design ideas you may have never considered.
  5. Installation: Make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. In other words, if you don’t feel up to the task of handling a kitchen renovation on your own, find a local company that specializes in kitchen renovation that carries products that are safe for your home. Cabinets must be installed level and plumb and should only be installed by kitchen and bath professionals. Stonewood Cabinets and Counters in Bunnell specializes in kitchen renovations and can help! If you live out of our area look for good, reputable dealers in your area.

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