Kitchen Design Trends 2018 and Looking Ahead..

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Kitchen Design Trends 2018 and Looking Ahead..

Who will inspire your next kitchen design?

I saw it and now I’ve gotta have it! Television, magazines, model homes and our own kitchen and bath showrooms are where seeds are planted and consumers are all sources where consumers are getting ideas for their next kitchen remodel.

We have a farmhouse style sink in our showroom that always manages to turn heads. We also have a beautiful antique blue inset kitchen on display which I have personally witnessed numerous folks stating “this is exactly what I want my next kitchen to look like”.

More and more we are seeing gray and blue kitchens growing in popularity.

Yes, we are all visually motivated and the artistic side of all of us engages when we see a design trend that we like.

What is it about the farmhouse style sinks?

If you have ever visited someone’s kitchen and noticed a deep, large sink, it’s probably a farmhouse style sink. Where they differ from the average sink is that they take up the area where a cabinet or counter would be, sitting flush with countertop edges. There is rarely a divider in the sink so it’s easy to wash large items without hitting the sides.

This style of sink dates back to the late 1600s before water was easily accessible in the household through pipes. Therefore, any water in the house needed to be conserved and stored appropriately. These deep basins aided in making sure all water could be used by the home. Alternatively, these sinks are sometimes referred to as “apron sinks.”

The cost of the farmhouse aka apron sink are typically a bit more than conventional sink and often a few extra dollars to hook them up and they are available in white and several other colors in fireclay, copper, stainless steel and stone composite.

I would like to also point out that these sinks put less strain on your back as they are positioned closer to your body than other sinks.

If you’re looking for a new look for your kitchen, a farmhouse sink is bound to steal the show. Most of the time, its many benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Whether you’re looking for a new sink installation or a kitchen remodel, this is an option that will impress all.

Gray kitchens are all the rage..

You’re probably seeing them and chances are you probably like them, but are gray kitchens here to stay? Some argue that they are too taste specific and will be out of style in a few years but I would like to interject. Gray cabinets look terrific with stainless steel appliances. Ten years ago many thought that stainless appliances were trendy and would go away but they were wrong. The unlimited shades of gray that we are seeing and number of finish applications are so numerous that it would be ludicrous to bunch them all into one design trend.

So which gray is for you? An all gray kitchen can be dull or drab especially if the entire kitchen is gray. But mixing the gray with white and black accents can feel classic and luxurious and depending on whether you mix the gray cabinetry with subtle or bold colors. can make you feel both relaxed, yet excited!

We are installing a fairly equal number of kitchens in opaque grays, stain grays from light gradients to charcoal gray. Which of these hundreds of styles that will be decided as trendy is anyone’s guess but my philosophy is that if you like it, why not get it?

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Stonewood Cabinets & Counters

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